An amazing collection as flavorful as its vibrant colors!

Ramadan Collection

A tasteful collection of six flavors carefully chosen to fit into Ramadan spirit. Traditional middle eastern flavors perfectly paired with contemporary confectionery ingredients to come up with new delectable flavors!

Earthy collection full of warm and nutty flavors that will give you the ultimate needed warmth and energy on your cold days.


Lindates is pleased to be part of your big day! let us know what flavors & toppings you prefer and we'll work our magic on your wedding favors.


Geometric Middle Eastern box

Want to spoil yourself or your beloved ones with a unique and elegant gift? Lindates work hard to design and create exclusive high quality plates and boxes to fit our luxury dates so that we can guarantee our clients satisfaction.

Rotaban Janiya Wood Plate

A special artisanal wood plate filled with our Luxury dates. This arrangement will impress you at first glance.

Sparkly Date arrangement

Our charming date arrangement! Gold mirrored tray filled with 20 of our heavenly dates. Let your gift sparkle!